As a team founded on innovation, a core value at Shell Eco-Marathon UNILAG is constant and consistent improvement to sustain growth and aid development.

During the recruitment for this edition’s team members, it was painfully obvious that the number of talented individuals far outweighed the spots that were to be filled. We did not want the interest that we had aroused in these individuals go to waste, so we had a light bulb moment.

We, at Shell Eco-Marathon UNILAG would like use this medium to tell you about one of our side projects for this edition, the SEM Hub.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a hub is an effective center of an activity, region or network.

Upon realizing that we had more people than spots to fill, we knew it would be a disservice to us- to the people and the impact that we could possibly make- if we just let them go. And so, the SEM Hub was born.

In line with one of our core values, in this hub, we aggressively share and cultivate knowledge on a wide range of topics from engine types, design approach, fabrication materials to energy efficiency.

We periodically hold sessions facilitated by members of the Shell Eco-Marathon team, for the sake of educating the Hub and being educated by the Hub.

One of the aims of the Hub is to keep the fire that we have burning in the minds of the individuals of the hub.

We now have about 250 individuals in the hub, although that number would only keep increasing as the days go by.

Thank you for stopping by here 😁. You can catch us on our social media pages:

Instagram: @semunilag
Twitter : @sem_unilag